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Office of Advisor to the Board of Directors for Planning and Development

Vice President : 
Dr. Adli Saleh

The office of vice president for planning & quality has been established in 2003.  Since then it has evolved to become a corner stone with growing responsibilities.   We tackle various unique development challenges that we encounter as a private university in Palestine. Also we actively participate in many committees & councils of the university.


A productive and efficient planning and quality office for continuous development of all aspects of quality at the university.


To engage with all stakeholders to enhance university competitiveness by means of strategic planning, accreditation of new academic programs developed locally or with collaboration with international universities and faculty development.

  1. To establish new academic programs with highest quality for graduate and under graduate levels with emphasis on international collaboration.
  2. To work towards a viable and a flexible strategic plan for the university.
  3. To conduct studies inside and outside the university regarding various aspects related to the educational process.
  4. To engage and benefit from projects proposed at the national and international levels.
  5. To maintain the acquired general ISO 9001 certification for the university.
  6. To obtain field specific international accreditation with collaboration of related faculties including ABET for engineering specializations.
  7. To disseminate the culture of Quality at the university.
Contact Information: 

E-mail: pndataaup.edu

Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1032


Provide consultation for faculty members about available faculty development programs including Zamalah.

Provide guidance on how to write a proposal seeking accreditation of new academic programs.

Conduct workshops on various topics regarding teaching and learning for faculty members.

Gather data and perform analysis of various surveys including staff satisfaction.

Conduct workshops regarding the ISO procedures for newly hired staff.

Monitor the quality of teaching and learning process, spot weaknesses and propose solutions to them.

Conduct internal audit twice a year.

Propose and run tailored training courses for faculty members.