Office of Vice President for Training Affairs

Vice President : 
Dr. Nizam Diab

The Arab American University believes in the importance of field training for its students.  Therefore, it established the Office of Vice President for Training Affairs so the university can have well trained, qualified enough graduates with certain skills to be able to have a career and work efficiently. The office provides the students with the needed experiences to discover work environment, which comes through the coordination and agreements with different training offices and societies inside and out of Palestine.


To develop the abilities of university students and prepare them in professional and practical fields to achieve a higher level of efficiency to enter the job market with a unique character and personality.


To provide students with practical appliance skills to fill the gaps between theory and practice to have qualified graduates and unique creative students in a way that fits the message of the university and its vision.  The Office of Vice President for Training Affairs is the communication role between university faculties and private, public organizations. 


The Office of V.P. for Training Affairs strives to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Achieving university and academic department’s goals concerned with training process.
  2. Picturing an early outlook and image of the practical needs of job market.
  3. Empowering the relations between the university and local/external community organizations which will affect the study plans positively.
  4. Providing students with the necessary practical skills to make them qualified enough for job market.
  5. Finding field training opportunities for students in different organizations as a part of credit hour’s system in the university.
  6. Establishing connections and relations with similar training departments in Arab universities to exchange and gain different experiences through a training student council in these universities.
Contact Information: 

Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1128

Fax #: 04-2510817



Arranging seminars and workshops concerning the practical training.

Participating in social activities- in/outside the university.

Training and qualifying students and graduates.

Establishing connections and relations with similar training departments in and out the country

Training and qualifying the university employees.