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Eng. Abdel-Haleem Mowahed

Vice Chairman

Name: Abdul Halim Abdul Rahim Muwahid

Abdul Halim Muwahid is the vice chairman of the board of directors at Arab American University. 

Educational Qualifications: BSc Civil Engineering – Baghdad University 

Occupation: Self-Employed Businessman

Having founded and managed his own construction contractor business since 1976 in the U.A.E., United Engineering Construction (UNEC), the Company now has its head office in Dubai, regional offices in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujeirah with international offices in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The U.A.E. business also includes a portfolio of Real Estate for its own use and rental.

The Company is an ‘A’ grade company in all locations and categorized as “unlimited” or “special” with regard to Construction Projects and is complete with its own Carpentry and Joinery subsidiary.

In addition he own ready mix concrete factories and concrete block factory subsidiary, M/s Safe Mix, with various plants and factories throughout Dubai and Sharjah.