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Dr. Dawwas Dawwas


Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture

  • 2009 - PHD in Political sciences at the Institute of Arab Research and Studies /Cairo.
  • 2002 - Master Degree in Contemporary Arab Studies at Birzeit University.
  • 1995 - BA in Political Sciences at Baghdad University.
  • Chairman of the Executive Council - in the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – ICESCO
  • Member of the Executive Council - representative of the State of Palestine - in the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science - ALECSO.
  • Representative of the State of Palestine in the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils.
  • Member of the Ministerial Special Committee to nominate Hebron, as the capital of culture in the Islamic world.
  • He held several positions and tasks in the Palestinian Legislative Council from 1996 until 2019.
  • University lecturer in political science at Birzeit University in the fields of: - international and regional institutions and organizations, political systems, diplomacy, international and regional relations, and the Palestinian cause.
  • He has previous union experiences, the most important of which are: Secretary of the General Union of Palestinian Students / Iraq Branch - Baghdad Unit, and the Secretary of the Association of Graduates of Iraqi Universities and Institutes in Palestine.