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Maj. Ibrahim Ramadan


Major Ibrahim Mohammad Mahmoud Ramadan

In 1975, he joined Fateh Movement and patriotic work. He has been accredited by the Administration and Planning Authority since 1976.

He spent more than 7 years in the Israeli Prisons.

Joined Preventive Security force since its establishment, considered one of the force establishers and its prominent leaders.

In 2001, worked in Preventive Security force’s External Relations department.

From 2001 – 2003, was Director of Tubas’s Preventive Security.

For 6 months he was Chief of Jerusalem Governorate Police in 2003.

He was Director of Hebron’s Preventive Security from 2003 to 2007.

2007 – 30/6/2008, he was Director of Tulkarem’s Preventive Security.

1/7/2008 – 22/3/2010, worked as Director of Jenin’s Preventive Security.

He was the General Director of Preventive Security Assistant in Administrative and Financial Affairs from 23/3/2010 until he became Jenin’s Governor.

He was promoted by a Presidential decree to rank as Major and appointed Governor of Jenin in 31/5/2014.