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Master in Marketing and International Business


Welcome to our Master's in Marketing and International Business program, a transformative educational experience meticulously designed to equip you with the skills and insights to excel in the dynamic world of global business. At the heart of our program lies a fusion of academic excellence, cutting-edge research, and industry connections. Our curriculum is crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategies, international business dynamics, and cross-cultural management, ensuring you're primed for success in the global marketplace.



  1. Provide the Students with a solid understanding of the theories and practices of marketing and international business.
  2. Enable the Students how to demonstrate a global outlook and an understanding of cultural diversity and their implications for marketing and management.
  3. Provide the Students the skills and knowledge of analyzing consumer and organizational buyer behavior and its implications for marketing strategy.
  4. Strengthen Students solid understanding of international business concepts and trends and an ability to internationalize business models and practices.
  5. Enable the Students to apply consulting skills to undertake international marketing decisions and operations.



Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • discuss the main theories in cross-cultural management, analyses existing research around the theoretical constructs and argue the validity of the extant literature;
  • engage with the relevant contextual issues in cross-cultural management in relation to international business and the multi-cultural Australian workforce;
  • identify problems in cross-cultural management, relate the problems to the literature and suggest solutions; and,
  • communicate effectively in oral and written forms about cross cultural management using appropriate concepts, logic and rhetorical conventions.


Careers of Graduates

The graduated student from MMIB program will gain the diverse needed skills to meet the new trends in marketing and international business demands.

The career opportunities of this program include:

  1. Marketing manager
  2. Marketing analyst
  3. Management analyst
  4. Sales executive
  5. Financial trader
  6. Marketing executive
  7. Business development manager
  8. Supply chain manager
  9. Digital marketer
  10. International business manager
  11. Foreign trade experts