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Deanship Office

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs: 
Dr. Hussein AlAhmad

E-mail: Hussein.AlAhmadataaup.edu
Phone #: 02-2941999 | Ext.: 1933

Assistant Dean for Medical Affairs: 
Dr. Imad Abu Khader

E-mail: Imad.Abukhaderataaup.edu
Phone #: 02-2941999

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: 
Dr. Elias Kukali

E-mail: Elias.Kukaliataaup.edu
Phone #: 02-2941999 | Ext.: xxxx

PhD Programs Coordinator: 
Ms. Huda Takrouri

E-mail: Huda.Takrouriataaup.edu
Office #: E202
Phone #: 02-2941999 | Ext.: 1981

Administrative Assistant to the Dean: 
Ms. Noor Awartani

E-mail: noor.awartaniataaup.edu
Office #: xxxx
Phone #: 02-2941999 | Ext.: xxxx

Dean's Secretary: 
Ms. Nisreen Abdalqader

E-mail: Nisreen.Abdalqaderataaup.edu
Office #: I201
Phone #: 02-2941999 | Ext.: 1927
Fax #: 02-2941979

Department Programs Coordinator - Health Sciences, Legal Sciences, Dental Sciences, and Media and Communication: 
Ms. Dana Eideh

E-mail: Dana.Eidehataaup.edu
Office #: J201
Phone #: 02-2941999 | Ext.: 1922

Department Programs Coordinator - Natural Sciences, Educational Sciences, Social Sciences, Administrative and Financial Sciences: 
Ms. Christine Abdallah

E-mail: Christine.Abdallahataaup.edu
Office #: G201
Phone #: 02-2941999 | Ext.: 1902

Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies fgs.deanataaup.edu
Assistant Dean for Students Affairs fgs.adsaataaup.edu
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs fgs.adaaataaup.edu
Assistant Dean for Medical Affairs fgs.adfmaataaup.edu
Dental Sciences Department fgs.dsdataaup.edu
Health Sciences Department fgs.hsdataaup.edu
Administrative and Financial Sciences Department fgs.afsdataaup.edu
Educational Sciences Department  fgs.edsdataaup.edu
Natural, Engineering and Technology Sciences Department fgs.netsdataaup.edu
Media and Communications Department  fgs.mcdataaup.edu
Social Sciences Department fgs.scdataaup.edu
Legal Sciences Department fgs.lsdataaup.edu