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Our Bachelor Marketing degree develops the students’ skills of flexibility, problem-solving ability, effective communication, social responsibility, commercial awareness and communication, all highly valued by employers.

All of the above mentioned and much more will be demonstrated by the following ways, and more; Practical application by analyze and solve business problems, Functional interdependence among business functions and processes, Opportunity recognition by finding ways to turn problems into business or personal opportunities, Creativity to generate innovative solutions, Reflective thinking to develop insight towards future action and quality business presentations approach.

Core learning goals:

1.         Apply effective written and oral communication skills to business situations.

2.         Analyze both the global and the local business environment.

3.         Develop practical skills including the ability to conduct independent marketing research.

4.         Use critical thinking skills in business situations.

5.         Apply an ethical understanding and perspective to business situations.


Graduates Careers

Our marketing degree designed to prepare its holder for a number of jobs such; Sales Representative, Marketing and Sale Manager, Marketing Researcher, Publicity and Advertising.

Program Curriculum