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Hospitals and Health Care Management


      This program provides the students an introduction of health administration and its similarities and differences with the principles of public administration. It also shows the importance of contemporary health-related methods and management techniques in health administration. And the growing importance of health management to maximize output and minimize the cost by effectively utilizing health resources. In Addition, it helps understanding the input and output of the Palestinian health system and comparing it with other similar health systems. In the end, the program provide students with the skills to work in the administrative health services.


Our graduates are expected to be capable of working at the following job positions:

• Hospital Administrator/Managing Director.

• Medical Record and Archives.

• Administrator of Hospice or Long-Term Elderly Care Facility.

• Administrator of Insurance Company or Department.

• Procurement, Storage, and Distribution officer.

• Administrator for Public Care and Primary Health Facility.

• Recruitment/Human Resources.

• External Controller.

• Health Management Information System Specialist.