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Medical Technology Department


Because of the society's urgent need for graduates specialized in medical and laboratory tests. Arab American University established a department for this purpose since its opening in 2000. The department have attracted excellent selection of faculty members who graduated from international universities with high efficiency and long experience in both the academic and scientific fields. The department includes distinct educational laboratories that any other prestigious and high ranked university in the world have, such as:

  • Clinical and Biochemistry labs

  •  Tissues and pathological tissues

  • Microbiology

  • Hematology Lab

  • Scientific Research Lab

The department, with the help of the College of Supporting Health Sciences, during the years from 2000 till today, have organized so many conferences that attracted a number of significant professors and researchers from local and Arab universities, hospitals, health and medical institutions and specialists in the field of medical laboratories from Palestine, the Arab states. All of that in addition to serval scientific days and themed workshops.

Department Programs