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Since the College of Supporting Medical Sciences established in 2000 work is underway in full swing to develop it in all aspects, especially in academic matters like professors, students, academic plans, and staff members at the level of administrative matters and community service. College proceeded to get and start what is required in professional medical disciplines such as medical science laboratory, physiotherapists and occupational therapy, medical imaging and Environmental Sciences and Technology, Prosthetics and Orthotics along with other rare majors in Palestine. Also works continued towards adoption more disciplines and majors, in addition, the college is working to have a Master program in Biomedical Sciences and Nursing.

Moreover, the Faculty of Supporting Medical Sciences is as any other faculty in the university, it has great professors, employees holding varied scientific degrees. Also it includes twelve educational, diagnostic and therapeutic laboratory the most important are; laboratory medicine, physiotherapists and occupational therapy, nursing, medical imaging and Environmental Sciences and Technology laboratories. The college is expansion to have new runways, halls and laboratories due to the increasing numbers of students and their high demand on the college majors.