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Environmental Sciences and Technology

The “Environmental Sciences & technology” program is distinguished by linking the different environmental issues like water, soil food and climate changes with the modern. The student will acquire the needed skills to perform the environmental testes by acquiring the required knowledge of the modern technological procedures   for testing of food and agricultural products, water and the environmental pollutants. The graduate student will be able to work in different sectors and institutions like the ministries of Environment, Agriculture, Education, Labor & Health, the Water Authority, in addition to the private institutions that deals with food, agriculture and water.  


Upon the completion of the Environmental Sciences & Technology program, the graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate competence of environmental technologies used in sustaining healthy environment.
  2. Use and manage effective modern technologies to test water, soil, food and environmental pollution.
  3. Operate and calibrate laboratory and field instruments for quantitative and qualitative analysis of environmental pollutants.
  4. Critically analyze and evaluate environmental issues affecting human environment systems.
  5. Develop and implement environmental policies, regulations at local, regional and global scales.
  6. Explore the local and global climate change issues and identify their effects on the environment and population health.
  7. Apply scientific research that contribute to environmental development.


Careers of graduates:

After graduation, the “environmental technician” can work at different sectors like:

  • The ministries of Environment, health, Agriculture, Labor and Education Governmental.
  • Non-governmental institutions like Water Authority and Municipalities.
  • Private sector Like factories and companies deal with food, agriculture and water technologies.