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Faculty of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


The Arab American University is committed to fostering education and research in the rapidly growing modern discipline of Data Science. This is through developing cutting-edge Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.’s. degrees in Data Science and investing in staff and resources to make sure this is happening. This Faculty of Data Science is a great step towards the future by preparing the graduates with knowledge and skills for the local and international markets.

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Dean Message

Dr. Majdi Owda

The current information revolution with exponential growth in data created on daily basis has become a competitive asset for a wide range of companies and scientific institutions. Having the capability to store, analyze, explore the meaning of the data, identify trends from the data and offer predictive models to facilitate better decision making is becoming a precious component in every business model. In addition, the development in industrial applications represented by the industry 4.0 revolution created a need for data scientists and artificial intelligence specialists to support the... Read More