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The undergraduate program of accounting is a 128-hour program leading to a B.A. of Accountancy. The Department of Accounting includes local and global issues in accounting. The graduates are ready to work in the international environment because the department blends academic theory with practical application. The program prepares students to be successful in different accounting fields such as financial management, financial accounting, financial reporting and analysis, cost and management accounting, taxation accounting, budgeting, internal and external auditing, control activities, financial planning, control and performance evaluation, governmental accounting, accounting information systems, and non-profit accounting. The Students gain the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and research skills needed to address complex accounting issues. The field of accounting focuses on the development and interpretation of financial information critical to managerial decision-making.


B.Sc in Accounting with emphasis on:

- Business Data Analytics

- Digital Accounting

- Foundation of Artificial Intelligence

- Digital Business.


Careers of graduates: 

The graduates of the accounting program can work in various positions such as an accountant, financial manager, internal auditor, treasurer, comptroller, financial analyst, external auditor, and management accountant or capital market participant. They may also choose to engage in auditing, tax planning, or consulting.

Presented below are the areas of work and job titles a candidate could hold. Areas of Work: Auditing, Cost Accounting, Information Systems, Tax Planning/Compliance. Employment Titles: Public Accounting Firms, Government Agencies, Banks/Financial Institutions Nonprofit Organizations, Healthcare Industry, Service/Manufacturing Companies, Consulting Practices.

Program Curriculum