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Dean Message

Dr. Mohammed Jaradat

 I am pleased and honored to welcome the visitors of the -College of Dentistry- website at the Arab American University, which is an important window through which we  introduce the visitors to the college in terms of its academic departments, its teaching staff, and its academic programs at the undergraduate level (Doctor of Dental Surgery), postgraduate and higher specialization levels.the visitors can also see the various scientific activities of the college. Since its establishment in the year 2000 AD, the College of Dentistry has always sought to prepare a qualified dentist with all scientific knowledge and skills by providing an educational, learning and research environment in accordance with the latest international quality standards. The college offers the advanced dental scientific equipment equipped with the latest international technologies. The College of Dentistry includes a distinguished elite of highly qualified faculty members, who graduated from prestigious international universities after obtaining the highest degrees in various modern dental sciences, in addition to a supportive administrative staff in the college's clinics and laboratories. I hope that this site will be a link to provide all that is new about the Faculty of Dentistry at the Arab American University.