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Faculty of Engineering


Faculty of Engineering currently offers Bachelor of the Science of Engineering degree in seven different disciplines namely, Computer Systems Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy, Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Medical Equipment Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering.  The first three programs have started during the last 15 years as part of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology while the other programs... Read More

Dean Message

Prof. Hazem Khanfar

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering, the latest addition to the faculties of the Arab American University in Palestine (AAUP). The main goal of the faculty is to produce highly qualified engineers with a high sense of responsibility and ability to apply what they learn to their real-life problems. To achieve this, we provide a teaching environment that incorporates latest classroom technology, high-tech well-equipped laboratories, and continued revision of our programs based to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Moreover, students are motivated to do hands-on projects that are based on... Read More