Advisory Board for the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology advisory board provides advice on the necessary procedures to bring outside experiences to inspire, advise, and improve the image and reputation of the Faculty of EIT, Support the Faculty leadership to enhance the quality of teaching and research. It also assists in the periodic review of educational results to improve the courses so that they are relevant to the current industry needs. In addition, it acts as a link with companies to provide training opportunities and build relationships (nationally and internationally).

  1. Dr. Mujahed Eleyat, Chair - Faculty member
  2. Dr. Osama Salameh, Faculty member
  3. Dr. Naser Hamad, Faculty member
  4.  Mr. Mohannad Hijawi, CEO - Spark for Consulting and Training
  5. Mr. Fathi Musleh, CEO – Al atheer for Technical Solutions
  6. Mr. Husam Dweikat, CEO - Isra' Software & Compute
  7. Mr. Mazen Nazzal, CEO - SYSMALL Ltd
  8. Mr. Samer Hawari, CEO - Auxilium Technology PS‎‏
  9. Eng. Abdulsalam Mansour, Graduated from EIT faculty
  10. Eng. Salha Waleed, Graduated from EIT faculty
  11. Eng. Reham Shehadeh, Graduated from EIT faculty
  12. Eng. Mohammed Abdelkareem, Graduated from EIT faculty
  13. Eng. Sajeda Dnoof, Graduated from EIT faculty