Computer Systems Engineering


  1. Graduate engineers in specialized in computer systems engineering that are capable in dealing with computer systems in programing and related issues.
  2. Enhance leadership skills at their jobs, face challenges, and keep pace with the rapid development computer and informatics fields.
  3. Empowering the society with capable engineers who provide computer problem solutions in an engineering perspective and scientific method.
  4. Graduate qualified engineers that are skilled with team working and ability to work effectively in a diverse team.
  5. Enhance the basic scientific concepts and integrate in this devloping field.
  6. The graduate engineer has the ability and knowledge to continue his higher studies in the academic and research fields.


Graduate of this program can contribute in developing IT and computer engineering systems in companies and institutions, students are trained in cooperation with well-known informatics Palestinian and international companies, where they are trained on the latest technologies regarding computers, programing and other systems. The learning outcomes of this program focuses on creating professional engineers in their fields that have the knowledge in applying mathematics, science and engineering. In addition to the ability to conduct experiments and data analysis, design computer system to meet the needs and manufacturing capability, identify and solve engineering problems, communicate effectively, and have the skills and engineering tools that are necessary for engineering practices.

Graduates of this program are skilled with high competitive skills where they can obtain the best jobs and grades in their post graduate studies.

Market Need for CSE Graduates

There is a demanding increase on computer systems engineers, as shown below:

  • Palestinian Local Market: The Palestinian local market focuses on specific sectors such as software and database development, network building and management, Internet applications and software, as these sectors are able to produce through limited resources. In general, all municipalities - industrial, commercial, governmental, and even agricultural - are moving towards smart solutions, so as a result there is an increasing demand of this program in the market.
  • International Market: The international market is in need of professional engineers and researchers of this program specially in industrial sectors regarding developing control systems for simple devices, vehicles and aircraft, as well as developing smart systems, industrial intelligence, and robots. As for the research field, professions of this program are required in most sciences researches, and space researches also.

Careers of graduates

This programs offers for its graduates the following opportunities:

  1. Designing and developing computer and cellular software.
  2. Designing and managing networks and network security.
  3. Designing and developing database softwares.
  4. Internet software and applications.
  5. Industrial institutions for controlling systems.
  6. Computer Systems Solutions Companies
  7. Computer Researcher