Electrical Engineering Department


Fifteen years back, the Arab American University (AAUJ) was established in the area of Jenin. The goal at the heart of this was to draw more attention, people and economics to the area of Jenin. The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (EIT) in this area is essential to promote more industrial activity and more economy. We expect the department of Electrical Engineering to become the center of energy activities in the region. In addition, it will become a link between energy professionals and the market. A place were all energy-related activities, ideas, people, projects meet and depart.

The electrical engineering department will be a major pillar of the Faculty of EIT. It has strong correlation to some other programs in the Faculty such as Telecommunication Engineering (TCE) and Computer System Engineering (CSE).

Some of the initial infrastructure of this department is based on the resources already available in the EIT Faculty. To mention some, a fully equipped Electrical Circuits Lab, Electronics Lab, Digital Logic Design Lab, Analog Communications Lab, Digital Communications Lab, Computer Network Lab, Engineering Drawing Lab, Computerized Engineering Drawing Lab, and two different Engineering Workshops are available for the use of the new program. In addition to that, six computer labs with about 150 PC's of different advanced specifications are available for this department, all of which are networked and equipped with Internet access. All students of the faculty have also access to four more computer labs in Hassib Sabbagh Information Technology Center of Excellence (HSITCE).

Department Faculty Members