Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


      The GIS program teaches sufficient courses in the GIS and remote sensing, programming and automation, meteorology, geology and geomorphology, to graduation distinct and specialized world-class level and keep pace with the labor market needs, and actively participate in the development drawing on Applied Spatial Studies and to be graduated from the program with being able to compete successfully with graduates of other universities in the world, and to be the target point that companies and institutions looking for when they are seeking specialists in the various geographic information systems and applications. The program also works to provide the requested specialized technological knowledge to be able to work in different areas, and to be able to enroll in graduate programs in the local and international universities.


GIS graduate can work at many places including, but not limited to, the following:

•  Departments of water and other natural resources

•  Municipalities or land surveying departments

•  Banks and financial services

•  Hospitals and health departments

•  Applied research facilities

•  Statistical bureaus

•  Departments of agriculture

•  Hydrological services 

•  Meteorological department