Computer Science


This program seeks to construct the student’s personality, and develop the ability to research and analysis, comparison and connectivity. ِAlso, Improve and impart the necessary skills in the field of informatics. What makes this program unique from all others from other universities is that it stimulates entrepreneurship, competition, and involvement in local and international programming competitions. In Addition, it contribute to the development of the local community, and communicate with relevant local institutions in various social, economic, and scientific sectors so students create graduation projects in the community’s interest.

To keep up with this success the program ensure to conduct ongoing reviews of the study plan to cope with the demands of modern technology. Also, Place emphasis on raising the efficiency of teachers through encouragement, support them in follow-up studies, and provide them with the necessary requirements in order to move forward in the process of scientific research, and hold seminars and workshops that motivate them to actively participate.

Graduates of this Faculty are well-prepared to contribute to the development of engineering and information technology systems. In collaboration with the most renowned national companies, graduates are trained on the latest findings in industries of hardware and software. These graduates have proved competent whether in the business world or in graduate scholarly work at European and American universities.


Our graduates are expected to be capable of working at the following job positions:

•  Software Developers
•  Database administrators
•  Computer programmers
•  Computer and information systems managers
•  Computers maintenance
•  Computer systems analysts
•  Information Security Analysts
•  Web Developers
•  Computer network architects and network engineers
•  Computer information research scientists
•  Computer technical support specialists
•  Software Engineers
•  Systems Engineers
•  Business Analysts
•  Systems Administrators
•  Project Managers
•  Animation/Special effects developers
•  Multimedia developers
•  Computer game designer/programmers
•  Trainer, software applications

Program Curriculum