Multimedia Technology


This specialization provides students with the necessary scientific expertise in multimedia technology supported by various applications needed for the student, in order to deal with future market challenges.

Various courses will be taught in this program such as creative arts, photography, digital image production and processing, video editing and audio processing, web and mobile application programming, 3D design, 3D animation, game programming and development, digital advertising principles, analysis and design of multimedia systems and other related course, which allows the students to integrate and qualify into the local and international labor market.

During the students study, he will be able to participate in programming and leadership competitions that aim for continuous professional development. Where the student will be able to use the techniques, skills and tools required for computer applications and apply new concepts and practices in the field of multimedia technology and information technology.

Graduates of this Faculty are well-prepared to contribute to the development of engineering and information technology systems. In collaboration with the most renowned national companies, graduates are trained on the latest findings in industries of hardware and software. These graduates have proved competent whether in the business world or in graduate scholarly work at European and American universities.


Our graduates are expected to be capable of working at the following job positions:

• Media Companies
• Press and related companies
• Software development companies
• Multimedia production companies (Educational CDs, Games, Mobile Application Development)
• Web development companies
• Advertisement and related companies
• Movie Making Companies
• Graphics Design companies
• Designers in any company