Telecommunications Engineering Department


This department offers a bachelor’s program in communication Engineering, as it highlights the theoretical and practical studies that enhances the student’s ability to provide Engineering solutions in networking, electrical and communications fields. The department also works on deepening the relation between the student and the society, where the student increases his productivity and contribution in raising the electrical/ communications engineering profession and to create professional engineers in this field.


Graduates of this department qualified to contribute in developing IT engineering systems specially in governmental and private companies and institutions. The program was developed so that students can receive the appropriate foundations of the specialization in Electric Engineering / telecommunications. The specialization has been expanded in the latest years, as for the student can choose to specialize in various fields such as: Telecommunication systems, antennas & short-wave systems, optical and laser communications, network design and other academic qualifications that provides them the opportunity to complete his/ her Masters and Doctoral degrees at international universities.

Department Programs