Faculty of Information Technology


Faculty of Information Technology was established to fulfill the market's need for new technology, which is a major factor in our daily life. The faculty has developed academic programs by consulting skilled people in the local market to ensure graduating qualified students, able to integrate into the market to face future challenges once they graduate. The challenge is not only about using information technology, but also about keeping up with its rapid developments. Faculty of Information... Read More

Dean Message

Prof. Hazem Khanfar

The complex challenges of the digital world have led to a large development in the field of information technology. Thus, a wide research and job opportunities emerged in various fields such as multimedia, GIS technology, nanotechnology, data mining, computer networks, the internet of things, social media and more others.

We aim at the Faculty of Information Technology to help students in getting a solid foundation in information technology by offering various bachelor's and master programs that are adopted by Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission’s (AQAC) of the Ministry... Read More