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The Faculty of Law, at the Arab American University, is playing a major role in consolidating the principles of justice and the rule of law, and in enriching the legal circles with all that is new in the field of legal sciences, human resource development and the preparation of specialists in legal studies. The Faculty is also providing practical skills for legal and judicial professions in the Palestinian society.

The Faculty of Law was accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education at the beginning of the academic year 2002/2003 in order to contribute, with its sisters law schools across the Palestinian universities, to prepare academically qualified and capable cadres in the field of law. To this end, the Faculty has proved to be able to positively influence in Palestinian society.

Based on the increasing number of student (which reached 599 at the beginning of the academic year 2013/2014) the University decided to relocate the Faculty to a new independent building inside the Campus.

The Faculty offers a bachelor's degree in law in the framework of a distinguished program, which is compatible with the highest standards and scientific standards of law programs in the Arab countries. The Faculty also offers a master's degree in commercial law which is subject to full periodic review from internal and external professionals in order to keep with the highest standards.

The Faculty of Law considers scientific research as one of its top priorities and a cornerstone in its work. In this context, its professors of the different departments have been working tirelessly on publishing many highly respectable legal books, articles, and legal opinions in various local, Arab and international legal journals. They have contributed in presented their legal thoughts in many local, regional and international conferences and seminars.

The Faculty of Law also strongly believes in its role in serving the Palestinian community. To that end the professors at the Faculty have participated in countless conferences, workshops, committees aiming preparing the draft laws and presented their observations concerning these drafts.

The Faculty is proud of its highly educated and competent faculty staff who have obtained their degrees from the most prestigious Arab and foreign universities, and have experience in law, arbitration and legal consultancy.

As a result of its desire to establish a firm connection with its students from within 1948 areas in their future professional life the Faculty is offering six course which are taught in Hebrew. These six courses will help students in passing the Bar Association examinations.

In a serious attempt to establish a connect between the practical and academic life, the Faculty had decided to establish the moot court and a moot court course which aims at bringing real life issues and handle them in a professional and academic atmosphere.

At another front, the Faculty of Law is currently busy working on a legal clinic course to be embodied in its study plan which would be offered to the students soon. The to-be-born course will constitute a practical training program for its students. It aims at providing free of charge legal assistance and advice through the students of the Faculty under the supervision of its professors. This legal clinical service is also designed to help the needy and the marginalized classes in society which comes out of the Faculty’s believe in its responsibility towards these classes of the society.