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Communication and Social Media Department


We will not be exaggerating if we stated that the digital environment has created a virtual reality when it transferred the reality events to the virtual environment, and this made the virtual environment a stage for the different activities and media practices especially with the social media networks that have become a real stage for all the journalistic, press, media and advertising efforts and works.

Out of this fact, the “Communication and Social Media Program” that the Faculty offers to keep following up the new life style in the digital environment which is an effective environment that impacts (people’s lives). The different types and forms of social media networks take-over most of our daily life, this is happening even without having an educational, deep or practical background to make these networks an educational and knowledge awareness platforms to people.

This program came to reduce and cover the gap in the Palestinian educational institutions that did not acknowledge the network world that we are living in and it is affecting our lives, and so, this program needs awareness, a critical vision and a professional presence according to modern knowledge and educational basics.

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