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Dean Message

Dr. Hanadi Dwikat

Dear Students.. Welcome to the webpage of the Faculty of Modern Media

We would be happy to see you join this Faculty that teaches media from a contemporary vision and provides students with the needed leadership skills in media field to help you become owners of different media projects and to serve the Palestinian and Arab communities and the whole world.

Here, in our Faculty, you will see the world from different perspectives and new angles, you will think creatively and our goal is to help you get out of your educational life to the labour market aiming to make a change a leave your own marks for the community.

We in the Faculty of Modern Media provide all the resources and all form of technology that are led by excellent faculty members who are skilled in the modern media forms in order to enable you to use the modern media applications and to address all cases and problems with the best and most successful methods especially under the many challenges that face the media work, from time, place and information challenges.

By gaining the skills of digital media work, you will be able to work in the virtual environment that has become more competitive than ever, especially when the web and the social media platforms imposed new work standards.

We welcome you in the Faculty and we call you to follow your passion and find your interests, and we will work on directing you to reach the greatest achievements and benefits.

Welcome …