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Faculty of Pharmacy


In 2019, the 5-year bachelor of Pharmacy program was established in response to the continuous increase in demand for primary healthcare providers and to satisfy the need for highly qualified and active Pharmacists as an integral part of the healthcare system and the Pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmacy program was initially started as a department in the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at the Arab American University main campus in Jenin. As a continuum to the program’s success and in... Read More

Dean Message

Dr. Hatem Hijaz

Welcome to the official website of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Arab American University, this website aims to provide the necessary information and insights into the Pharmacy Program.

The Faculty of Pharmacy is housed in an ultra-modern environment with spacious classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, up-to-date teaching methods and qualified faculty members that all–in-all aim to facilitate and provide an outstanding learning experience to qualify our graduates to be active members of the healthcare system.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Arab American... Read More