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Pharmacy Department


The department of pharmacy has been established as a core program in the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences in 2019/2020.  The program aims to provide the community with highly quality professionals, and clinical experts who can serve in hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, medical laboratories, and individuals with special need for pharmacological interventions. 

Department Vision

Achieving excellence in pharmaceutical education, scientific research, community service and pharmaceutical care, and strive to achieve international accreditation standards to raise the level and quality of education and research.

Department Mission

The Department of Pharmacy seeks to keep up with the developments of professional and scientific level in order to achieve excellence in pharmaceutical education, scientific research and community service.
Graduating highly qualified pharmacists in the profession and achieving a leading role in scientific research and effective development in the community service.

Department Objectives

  1. Graduate highly qualified and professional pharmaceutical graduates.
  2. Raise and improve the performance level of health services provided to the patient.
  3. Developing new programs in various pharmaceutical sciences, developing study plans and using modern teaching methods to suit the labor market and the needs of the local community.
  4. Cooperate with local and international pharmaceutical industries in research and development in order to find new effective drugs.
  5. Supporting and developing scientific research to serve the Palestinian pharmaceutical industry and focusing on creativity, leadership and innovation.
  6. Raising the level of scientific and professional performance applied to pharmacists working in different fields.
  7. Create an environment that leads to professional achievement and development of faculty and staff.
  8. Offering practical solutions to the problems of the pharmaceutical industry.
  9. Activate the role of the department in the service of society and contribute to meet its needs and participation with relevant institutions locally and internationally to contribute to its development.

Department Programs