Accredited Banks

Admission Cards

Admission Cards are necessary to fill out the online application form. They can be purchased at any time from the following locations:

  • Financial Department - Main Campus in Jenin
  • Ramallah Site – AL-Rehan
  • University Office in Nazareth

There are four types of admission cards available ( All fees are non-refundable ) :

  1. Bachelor's degree, $100 USD fee.
  2. Diploma degree, $100 USD fee.
  3. Master degree. $150 USD fee.
  4. PhD dgree $200 USD fee.


Tuition Payment

All our tuition fees can only be paid through the following banks or PalPay payment points in Palestine.

Bank Name Branch Account No.
Arab Islamic Bank Jenin 16924
Arab Bank Jenin 565104
Bank of Palestine Jenin 350044
Cairo Amman Bank Jenin 150062670000
Housing Bank For Trade and Finance Jenin 28500
Jordan Bank Jenin 2164159
National Bank Jenin 160000
Palestine Investment Bank Jenin 400000
Palestine Islamic Bank Jenin 1607000
Quds Bank Jenin 153777

Note: Include the full name and application number or students ID number when making the payment, and please keep your proof of payment.