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AAU in Cooperation with Leaders Organization arrange “Arab American University Hackathon”

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

AAUP in cooperation with Leaders Organization arrange “Arab American University Hackathon”, targeting a number of young entrepreneurs from both Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences in order to come out with entrepreneur projects to be embraced and supported to become successful youth projects and companies.

Part of the event

Head of Alumni Affairs at Student Affairs Deanship Bilal Alashqar, opened the event, thanking the Organization's efforts and the supporters of this unique event. He also praised the young participants’ role that’s in harmony with the university vision of engaging students, broaden their experience and merge them with the community to be active in facing challenges

He focused on such events importance in supporting entrepreneur spirit and innovative projects as an essential way of recruitment. This is one creative solution to reduce the growing unemployment locally, also it’s a supporting pillar to national economy through embracing projects.

Project Manager at Leaders Organization Khaled Maalem thanked both the university and participants, wishing the event will end with positive outcomes that can be used in the organizations future plans. Also stressing on the importance of adopting such events to empower young entrepreneurs in Palestine and involve them in solving the community dilemmas in creative ways, giving detailed explanation on the events and its expected results.

After that, the 40 participants divided into 6 groups and each one should come up with innovative pioneer idea with Leaders Organization’s specialists’ supervision.

By end of day, teams presented and discussed their ideas to the specialized committee, which heard them and evaluated their ideas based on clear, fixed criteria. Also six ideas for entrepreneur companies will be followed up and work on developing them after its final assessment by Leaders Organization’s specialists.