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"Job Search Skills" ... Finish Another set of Trainings

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Department of Alumni Affairs at the Deanship of Student Affairs concluded a specialized training for graduate students entitled "Job Search Skills" with the participation of three training groups of 97 students from different faculties and disciplines.

The training course “funded” from the university contained several topics for graduate students to enhance their self-confidence, communication skills, and write their CV and learn how to perform a professional interview including management and leadership skills in small projects.  

Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh Dean of student affairs assured that the university focuses on developing its students skills and enhancing their experiences according to the market needs, and from this belief the university has decided to allocate all its resources to work with students in accordance with a pacific method and approach to merge into the labor market, assuring that the university is working on developing its network relations with relevant institutions based on the great results from such trainings and strengthening the opportunities for their career path in the best possible ways.   

Part of the Training with Trainer Ahmad Fouad
Part of the Training with Trainer Said Abu Mualla