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Opening "Re-mote Working" Trainings at Arab American University

Monday, November 19, 2018

The "View" project is an electronic platform for teleworking, which enhances the skills of trainees in life skills and communication skills. It also includes training in technical skills according to the participants' specialization in order to meet the needs of companies regionally and internationally in the work that can be implemented remotely.

Arab American University has launched the "View" project, which is implemented by Partners in Sustainable Development, targeting students and graduates to introduce them to the means and methods of networking with local and international companies and Re-mote working.

The participates in the training carried out at Graduate Affairs Deanship Department in Student Affairs where 28 students and graduates

The project is scheduled to be implemented in two phases, the first phase is about life skills and Re-mote working, while the other focuses on technical skills.

The Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh welcomed such events held for the university students to open new horizons for graduates, assuring that they are in align with the university's vision of the importance of working on developing the graduates' abilities.

The project will be implemented in several Palestinian universities, including Arab American University through the Department of Graduate Affairs Deanship of Student Affairs and in partnership with Tawoon Cooperation and funded from Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development within the program to empower young people.