Organizing a Workshop About Banking Awareness in Arab American University

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Alumni Affairs Dept. at Arab American University hosted a workshop about banking services and awareness presented by Tariq Mahajneh from the non-financial consultation department at Bank of Palestine. The workshop was attended by many university students as a part of a training program implemented by the university in cooperation with the Palestinian Education for Employment (EFE) entitled "Looking for a job is a job itself"

The Head of Alumni Affairs at the University started the workshop by welcoming the guests from Bank of Palestine, appreciating the role that Bank of Palestine plays in supporting the youth sector through projects, initiatives and various financing opportunities that enables young people to fund their entrepreneurial ideas and start their own projects.

Mr. Tariq Mahajneh from BOP thanked the university for providing the opportunity to meet with the university youth. He explained that the aim of this workshop is to increase the banking awareness among young people by clarifying the concepts of banking and banking services and how to use them in the best ways on the personal and practical levels.

He also addressed the Bank of Palestine's mechanism to reach all segments of society, especially youth, by developing the Bank's products and services to suit their needs, as well as developing a program of non-financial advisory services that supports youth in various fields in order to enable them economically.