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The University hosts a meeting with the Employment and Training Council in Jenin Governorate

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Local Employment and Training Council in Jenin Governorate held a meeting this morning at the headquarters of the Deanship of Student Affairs at Arab American University in the presence of representatives of various institutions of the Council in the province.

The meeting was opened with a speech from the Director of the Directorate of Jenin. Ahmed Daraghmeh praised the members' commitment for their attendance to the periodic meetings and the serious efforts of various institutions to make the activities of the various employment council successful. Daraghmeh also urged the members of the council to build on the effort to improve the performance of the council and activate the mechanisms of its work.

The Head of Graduate Affairs at Arab American University Mr. Bilal Al-Ashqar, welcomed the attendees and holding the greetings of the university administration to this council and the university's readiness to harness its possibilities in the various activities of the local community. He assured that the university is proud of its membership in the employment council and strives to strengthen and expand its network of relations with different institutions, in general. Al-Ashqar also reviewed the activities that was carried out by the Department of Graduate Affairs during the last academic year to enhance the students' experience, which reflects positively on their competitive opportunities in the labor market.

Yasser Al-Bazour, coordinator of Employment and Training Council, assured the importance of the role played by the participating institutions and the expertise of the Council members, has contributed the awareness of the local community to integrate into the professional labor market and build the capacity of professional institutions.

At the end of the meeting, the participants agreed on several activities and events that will be implemented in the near future in the governorate of Jenin in alignment with the mission of the Employment Council.