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Nadia Saba'neh

Nadia Saba'neh

Nadia Hamzeh Saba’neh Technical Development Department official at Supreme Council of Creativity.

Eng. Nadia Saba’neh is responsible for technical development at the Supreme Council for Innovation and Creativity along with multiple tasks that include, but not limited to follow up central projects assessment committee, follow up experimental development committee and incubation, motivation and exploration. In 2015, she coordinated the overall activities of the First National Forum for Innovators in Palestine.

Her academic excellence gave her efficiency and effectiveness in performing her role. She got the DAAD scholarship to finish her masters in Electrical Engineering/ Wireless Communications at the Jordanian University of Science and Technology with very good grade and she got AAUP scholarship to get her bachelor's degree in communications technology with honors throughout her studying period to graduate from AAUP in 2006. In addition to that, she got practical experience working for a variety of institutions filling numerous engineering and administrative positions such; Coordinate and manage programs in Relief International, Strategic planning and projects managing at Jawwal “Palestinian Cellular Communications Company” and last but not least join Engineering College teaching staff at Birzeit University.

Saba'neh participated in general coordination of Middle East and North Africa Information and Communication Technology Forum “MENA ICT” for its second year in Jordan. She participated within the representative delegation for State of Palestine in the US, at Women Leaders in science, engineering and technology program from around the world. She was one of the 100 Women Leaders in her Community coming from 20 countries.

Saba’neh are preparing to join PhD program pursuing her ambition and future plans. She hopes one day to join the International Telecommunication Union.

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