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Announcement: Training Course in “Arbitration, Disputes and Contracts”

Monday, May 27, 2019

Continuing Education Center at AAUP announces a training course in “Arbitration, disputes and contracts”


Training Program

First Training Session

Introduction to contracts and types of contracts. Along with an introduction to engineering contracts

Contract management, formulation, parties' obligations and management of work sites


Second Training Session

Guarantees, disputes and defects in the execution of contracts

Obstacles in executing contracts, claims, penalties and insurance procedures


Third Training Session

Introduction to arbitration and its types

Arbitration process Management and arbitration sessions


Fourth training session

Procedures, appeals and arbitral award

Arbitrator skills and practical models


Fifth Training Session

A Professional research and discussion


Course Fees: 150 JD


Program Goals:

The participant will be able to:

  1. Understand the concept of arbitration and contracts and their advantages and outputs.
  2. Clarify the issues that can be connected to arbitration and contracts and its importance
  3. Develop the skills, concepts and managing contracts and the obligations of contracting parties.
  4. Develop the definitions that are related to disputes in contracts.
  5. Open a wide and distinct work horizons according to the nature of specialization, whether legally or in commercial finance or engineering.


Targeted Group:

  •  Students, graduates, employees from various sectors and those who wish to develop themselves and their work.

Program Duration : 20 hours


International Exam and Accreditation:

  • The participants in this program will present a graduate research related to their professional field and it will be accredited by Continuing Education Center at An-Najah National University.


Course Outputs: Two Certificates

  1. A Certified professional course certificate from the accredited arbitrator with the participants name and course titless
  2. Certificate from the Continuing Education Unit accredited by the Palestinian Higher Education - The Najah customer experience program 
  3. Enables the trainee to obtain an international certificate from American Institute of Professional Studies AIPS or from Global Council for Law, Arbitration and Intellectual Property GCLA, with the coordination of the trainer
  4. This course opens the doors to enroll in more specialized courses and enables the trainee to become an arbitrator in the field of arbitration, contracts and disputes.


For further inquiries and registration at The Continuing Education Center at AAUP, Faculty of Law Building Fl.3 Tel. 042418888, internal 1365, 1367, 1499