Personal Information Survey for COVID-19 Recovered who would like to Participate in the “Antibodies Follow-up Study” that a Group of Researchers from the Faculty of Health Sciences in AAUP are Preparing

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Research Center in Arab American University is working on a research about how long the COVID-19 antibodies can stay inside the bodies of people who were infected by the virus.

Therefore, the center would like to ask people who had been infected and now they are recovered (at least two weeks of recovery period) to participate in the research by filling this survey form with their personal details. A medical team from AAUP will contact you and you will be asked to come to the campus for regular blood samples take in order to test the antibodies of COVID-19 in your blood. For any further information, please contact the following email addresses:

Dr. Nouar Qutob: (

Dr. Faisal Awartani: (

To participate in the survey: Click here