Continuing Education Center

Head of Center: 
Dr. Khalid Atieh

The University established the Continuing Education Center (CEC). The center aims to graduate students with bachelor degrees. CEC provides the Palestinian and Arab job market with graduates equipped with theoretical qualifications and practical skills that qualify them to find suitable fieldwork.

Whatever the subject you are studying, you can find that the learning facilities at AAU are designed to encourage innovative ways for you to learn. Our vibrant learning centers are at the heart of AAU’s campus life. They offer an inviting and secure environment for learning and teaching.

  1. To manage and supervise vocational diplomas. 
  2. To prepare for training courses, holding, setting up, and supervising the accomplishment.

CEC in all its activities is committed to achieve the following:

  1. To provide the Palestinian and Arab job market with graduates who have the necessary scientific knowledge and practical skills.
  2. To develop workers' skills in various sectors by improving their performance.
  3. To develop and improve the students’ skills for better academic performance.
  4. To develop and improve linguistic skills of the students and workers.
  5. To develop communication skills for the courses' participants.
  6. To raise the vocational spirit of the beneficiaries from the center’s services.
Contact Information:
Phone # . 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1367, 1365, 1366
Fax #: 04-2510817

Sub Units: 

Training section

Professional Diploma


The CEC provides training courses to the local community and the University’s staff and students.