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Continuing Education Center

Head of Center: 
Dr. Khalid Atieh – PhD Management/ Marketing

The Continuing Education Center was established as one of the main Important Centers at Arab American University to serve the local Palestinian community and provide opportunities for continuing education for the whole society.
The Center focuses on developing in all fields education, training, and sustainable development projects as it seeks to develop the skills and abilities of its trainees so they can cope the modern day challenges, as the Center also works on rising the efficiency and professionalism to contribute affectively in the reconstruction projects in the Palestinian labor market, the Center is working to employ the best capabilities and abilities at the university in all fields and disciplines.


The Continuing Education Center specializes in several Paths:

 First: The Center provides training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and specialized consultations in various fields such as administrative, scientific, technical and social for private and public sectors.

Second: Specialized Professional Diplomas: The Center provides professional diploma degrees in several fields (one academic year).


Our Slogan

To continually develop our trainees to become professionals and provide them with career paths through specialized and high quality trainings

A Wisdom : a man may be considered a scientist as long as he seeks knowledge, once he thinks he is the knowledge he becomes ignorant.


The Continuing Education Center’s vision is to become a leading Center, that is based on effectively serving the local Palestinian Community, in alliance to the goals and vision of the university and sustainable development.

  • The Center seeks to provide specialized training programs on a global scale and to attract qualified staff members.
  • The Center works to create an open environment for training and education exchange through networking and cooperation agreements with local and international Centers and institutions.
  • The Center emphasize the values of ethics for the trainees and encourages the trainers and staff members to serve the local community.
  • The Center Continues to provide professional and technical training services and develop projects and implementing them.
  • The Center is always improving its services according to local and international standards and "best international practices", in alliance with the mission and goals of the University.

The Center aims at achieving the following objectives:

  1. Designing high standard courses.
  2. Managing and implementing of professional diploma programs and networking.
  3. Community partnership and institutional networking with Palestinian, regional and international institutions.
  4. Professional and technical training and provide the local community with financial, administrative and technical services.
  5. Provide lifelong learning opportunities based on community partnership for all Palestinian people.
  6. Achieve the university’s vision, goals and mission.
Contact Information: 

Phone # . 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1367, 1365, 1366
Fax #: 04-2510817

Sub Units: 

Courses Department

Professional Diploma


The Continuing Education Center offers training courses for local community, staff and university students.