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About the Center


Eng. Mustafa Ghazi Abdullah Irashaid


The AAUP Prosthetics and Orthotics Factory is the first and most modern factory in the Middle East. It is equipped with the latest machines, equipment and technologies that meet the work requirements. The factory includes 9 sections i.e. 9 stages for manufacturing a limb or device capable of creating hope and renewing life for patients.

The factory has a medical staff and experts to provide the best medical services in terms of diagnosing the patients, prescribing the appropriate device or limb for them, and manufacturing it completely in a way that suits and treats the injury appropriately.

The Factory is also concerned with teaching and training prosthetics and Orthotics students with the best capabilities to graduate students with the classification of first specialist, accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Health, and the World Limb Organization, so that the students become able to understand and confront the challenges and changing needs in the Palestinian and Western societies.


The Factory management is looking forward to introducing the most recent technologies in the field of prosthetics and orthotics, meeting all the needs of patients, and covering all the needs of the local and foreign markets at the level of the Middle East for the necessary services, in addition to being respected in quality education and training of students.


Providing a unique service through using high technologies in the production of artificial limbs so that these limbs improve the lives of patients and enable them to live a better and healthier life, in addition to engage them with society and provide the best services that meet their needs. Moreover, the Factory provides students with distinctive scientific knowledge and individual skills, encourage scientific research and keep up with scientific developments in the field.


Graduating students capable of competing in the local, Arab and international markets with their scientific knowledge and practical skills, in addition to meeting the needs of patients, comfort and providing the best service so that the patient’s life turns from a person in need to one capable of performing her/his daily functions independently.