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About the Center



The Arab American University nursing simulation technology Center has been established in September 2015, and is considered the first of its kind in Palestine. The simulation technology center is expected to serve as a regional leader and reference for all other collegial universities in the delivery of high-fidelity simulation education and research.

Simulation-based nursing education is an increasingly popular pedagogical approach. It provides students with opportunities to practice their clinical and decision-making skills through various real-life situational experiences in a safe environment.

The nursing simulation technology center portrays excellence in all aspects of nursing education through its innovative teaching using state of the art technology such as high-fidelity human patient simulation. Students and faculty are provided with the resources and knowledge to facilitate quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care reflecting the Values of Professionalism, Respect, Safety, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence.


AAUP envision provision of excellence in Nursing Simulation that potentially maximize nursing student’s clinical reasoning, comprehensive care and patient’s safety practices.


The mission of the Simulation technology center is to provide an experiential, high quality safe learning environment through the utilization of best evidence based clinical decision-making in bridging the gap between theory and practice. The center is equipped with high-fidelity technologies to enhance students, faculty with exceptional educational techniques to promote research development, culturally competence, communication, collaborative inter-professional patient centered care, thus improving patient safety and health outcomes through excellent simulation-based training and assessment.


1. Advance the science of simulation-based education by contributing to the growing body of knowledge and supporting the role of simulation in healthcare education and improved patient outcomes.

2. Develop critical thinking, clinical decision-making, and psychomotor skills of students in the care of center clients.

3. Prepare ethical, and safe practitioners capable to provide exceptional nursing service to the community.

4. Enhance the role of Nursing research and interdisciplinary practices among nursing students.