4th Hyperheritage International Seminar (International Conference) Smart Heritage

May/02 00:00 - May/05 00:00

Arab American University - Jenin, Palestine

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 (All day) to Friday, May 5, 2017 (All day)

Arab American University - Jenin, Palestine

The term HyperHeritage covers every hybrid cultural heritage environment (augmented with digital information) that allows exploring new facet’s of cultural information perceiving and practicing. Massive development, and impressive uses, of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and immersive devices (Augmented and Virtual Realities) have allowed exploring new forms of Human Cultural-Heritage Information Communication. ICT has established new ways, often independent of space and time, to access, process and to deal with interconnected Cultural-Heritage Information and Devices.

New Human-to-Human “Meditaised” Communication Protocols, are inviting information designers to reconsider the Cultural-Hertitage Information environment. However, it is important to notice, that the idea of HyperHeritage doesn’t aim to question the Traditional Cultural Institutions, it suggests other ways of seeing and treating Cultural-Heritage Information growing, consuming and producing in an interconnected unlimited spaces. Thus, HyperHeritage, that refers to "Hyper Perception" of Cultural-Information, leads to consider a doubly exploratory adventure: on the first hand, to replaying / rediscover some of Human Perceptual and Operational Capabilities (in handling cultural information) and on the other hand, as consequence, to re-design (re-engineer) the Cultural-Heritage Information itself.

HIS.4 (Smart Heritage) addresses the issue of “Mediatised” Human Cultural-Information Communication following at least two angles: Augmented “Mediatised” Human Cultural Heritage Communication and New Cultural-Heritage Information Design

Topics of interest for this conference include, and not limited to the following:

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality for Cultural Heritage
  • Big data Cultural Heritage application
  • Computer Vision for Cultural Heritage
  • Cultural Heritage Archiving Data Management
  • Cultural Heritage Data Visualization
  • Cultural Heritage spatial data mining
  • Cultural Heritage Educational Tools
  • Cultural Heritage Information acquisition, restitution and retrieving
  • Cultural Heritage Information Design
  • Digitalization & Scanning Technology
  • GIS services and architectures for CH
  • Human Cultural Heritage Interaction
  • Hyper Heritage Projects Development & Management
  • Hypermedia
  • Internet of t-Things (IoT)
  • Modeling and Simulation Approaches
  • Open Cultural Heritage Data Management
  • Serious Games for Cultural Heritage
  • Social Networks & Communities in Cultural Heritage
  • ...

The conference wonder to compare the different scientific positions that are emerging on these topics. Authors are also invited to submit papers describing past and current research efforts, as well as experience with proof-of-concept, prototype and operational systems.

Instructions to Authors
Full paper (max 25000 characters) to be sent as PDF file – save the file with the initials of the title of your contribution. Example – TPINP.doc, or TPINP.docx. Submit directly : please click here "Submission" in case of trouble please contact: infoathyperheritage.org
The contributions should be anonymous and should not express the name of the author(s). Documents that do not comply with this rule will be excluded from the evaluation process.
Authors of accepted papers will be invited to submitt final full papers in PDF to be submitted directly to the conference submission plateform: Submission

Official language of the conference
Paper submission: English and French
Presentation: English and French (simultaneous translation is not available)

Documents that do not comply with this rule will be excluded from the evaluation process.

Reviewing process
All submitted papers will be reviewed using double blind refereeing process

Important dates
Full paper submission deadline (extended): Feb. 12, 2017
Notifications to authors: March. 10,  2017
Date for submission of final paper: Avril. 14, 2017
Publication date: May 2017

For more information please visit http://his4.hyperheritage.org

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