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Conditions to Transfer From Other Universities to AAUP

Students can transfer from other universities or institutions of higher education to Arab American University according to the following conditions:

  1. The student should fulfill the university admission requirements in accordance with admission policies in that year.
  2. The student should be transferred from an educational institution recognized by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  3. The student must be a non-degree student in the educational institution he wants to transfer from.
  4. The student must not be terminated for any reason.
  5. The student should bring an official (stamped) description of all courses in the transcript from the current university.
  6. The student average at his original university should not be less than (60%) or (1.67) or (C-), except for dentists their average mustn’t drop under (70%) or (2.00) or (C).
  7. The courses in which the student has got at least 70% or (C) or (good) in all majors, shall be considered. Conditioned to obtain descriptions of all courses and the course hours studied at his/her university should be lager or equals the course hours at AAUP. Only 70 credit hours for the transferee to the Engineering specializations. Only 75 credit hours for the transferee to Faculty of Dentistry, and only 60 credit hours for the transferee to other specializations.
  8. Haven’t been more than three years since the last course he took at the university he’s moving from.