Student Guideline for Downloading and Using ZOOM Application

On Your Computer Devices

At the beginning, you need to go the official website for Zoom application

Then on the right you can find the Resources list, click on it and then choose “Download Zoom Client”

Click on Download

Then open the file that you downloaded and wait for it to be saved

Click on “Join a Meeting” to enter the online lecture

At the first space please write the “Meeting ID” that the teacher sends to you or the one that you can copy from the Moodle

In the second space write the “student name”

Then you activate the choices like the photo for closing the video camera

If you want to enter a previous lecture or get the ID, please go to the e-learning “Moodle” on this link:

Choose the course you want

Enter to the live or the lecture that was taught before

There are three important tabs:

Upcoming meetings: which are the lectures that will be live soon

Previous meetings: which are the lectures that was already live before

Cloud recordings: which are lectures that were recorded and saved

You can also copy the ID and click on “Join” to enter a lecture

Click on “Join with computer audio” to be able to listen to your teacher

At the left part of the live stream, you can close the microphone and the camera, or you can activate them and use them

You can also record the lecture or enter a chat room or send files through “Share screen”

Using your Smart Phones

To Download Zoom Application on your Smart Phones

From smart phones, you enter the application store, then download “Zoom application”

From the main page of the application, you click on “Join a Meeting”

In the first space, please put the ID for the live stream

In the second space, please put your name

Then activate it “as shown in the photo” and click “Join”

At the left part of the live stream, you can close the microphone and the camera, and you can use them if you want to.