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How to Benefit From the Features of the University E-mail Within the University Domain AAUP.edu


You can receive benefits worth a thousands of dollars using the e-mail that the university gives you within its domain AAUP.edu .

Here are some exclusive free offers for you.


The advantage of the features of the Microsoft 365 portal, as follows:

  • Provide a 50 GB e-mail, that carries the university's domain and is an official identity of the university, where you can make official correspondence through it.
  • Providing 1 TB cloud disk, enabling you to save your files safely and access from anywhere on the Internet and from any device.
  • Provide Cloud Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ... etc).
  • Provide One Note program that is a cloud-based or downloadable device. So you can save all notes whether writing, drawing, pictures, as well as video. Also organize and search for them very easily.
  • Provide an internal social communication tool “Yammer” for students to communicate with each other and faculty members rather than Facebook.
  • Provide means of communication and collaboration through “Teams” so that you can create groups for cooperation and communication through written conversation, audio or video.
  • Providing a way to create web presentations through SWAY, making it easy for you to prepare and submit your academic presentations.


Free Original Software From Auto Desk

Auto Desk Company offers many of its programs free of charge. The most popular program is AutoCAD and 3DMax that saves you hundreds of dollars to access these original shoftwars, where you can get free copies for 15 months. To subscribe click here


Free Hosting From WestHost

WestHost offers free hosting for a full year. To subscribe click here


Prezi Website Offers you a Free Pro Account

Prezi for Presentation Design offers you a free Pro account, where you can enjoy an advanced Prezi account without paying anything you can save $60 USD a yearly. To subscribe click here


Free Original Software From Jet Brain Website

Jet Brain website offers many great software and programming tools for developers. If you have a .edu account, you can download these programs for free through the site. To subscribe click here


Free account on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime gives you free and fast shipping features plus other offers and features for six months, renewed six months later with a 50% discount plus $ 10 in your marketing account on Amazon. To subscribe click here


Free Original Version of Rip Tiger Software

RipTiger is a user-friendly software that automatically downloads any video you see in your browser. You will be able to download all the online video material you need easily and the program offers a free account for those who have e-mail on .edu . To subscribe click here


Azure account From Microsoft

The program aims to equip young people with the tools needed to shape the future, access free educational materials, choose free Azure services, a $ 200 credit for the first 30 days, access to more than 150 free products and free services.
All you have to do is subscribe and you will get access to many free software to make your dreams come true. To subscribe click here


A List of Free Software and Tools From Github

Github website offers you a bundle of free software and tools if you subscribe. All you need is an e-mail from an educational institution, a student ID, or other formal proof of enrollment. To subscribe click here


Discounts From Adobe Company

You can get the original Adobe software at low prices, without the need to a crack or a serial number of the product, as well as a discounts up to 70% - 60%, and you can download them from the following link after adding your university email in the registration box. To subscribe click here


ResearchGate Website

It is a network of scientists and researchers that is used to share, discover and discuss research. It is only allowed for students and academics to register with the university account. It allows you to communicate with researchers in all disciplines from all over the world and to ask questions in any field. Responding from anywhere in the world in the same specialty as yours. In addition, when an account is created on the site, the account is considered to be your own biography, allowing everyone to score according to your research and activity in developing useful answers to others' questions. To subscribe click here