How to Withdraw From a Course or Semester Electronically Through the Edugate (Portal)

You can withdraw from a course or semester as following:

  1. Use your Edugate ( Portal ) account by accessing ( )
  2. Go to “Acadamic” box then select “Withdrawal Course With W” or “Withdrawal From Semester Request” according to your case.
  3. To Withdraw From Semester, select the Status Description "Withdrawal From Semester" option and then click "Approve and Confirm my Selection of Status" and then click "Save"


    To withdraw from a course, Select the course you want to withdraw then click on “Withdraw Courses”.


  4. A message will show to confirm you withdraw request from the semester or course ( with the detailed course ). Enter your “Verification Code” and your “Nationality ID Number” then select “Yes”.


    (Example: withdrawal request from a semester)


    (Example: withdrawal request from a course)

Note: the verification code is sent to your university email account.

You can enter to your email through the following link ( or the university official website and click on “Quick Links” Menu.
Use the same username student's used for the Portal, followed by the student's domain. Example (
and use the same password used for the Portal.

Hoping you success