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International Graduate Summer School - Ramallah Campus, June 27 - August 10, 2020

Due to the Corona Pandemic The International Graduate Summer School is cancelled for this year.



Arab American University, Palestine

International Graduate Summer School – Ramallah campus

June 27 – August 10, 2020


The Arab American University – AAUP (previous abbreviation AAUJ) is the first private Palestinian university, founded in year 2000, in collaboration with California State University (CSU) in Stanislaus and Utah State University (USU) in Logan. The original campus is located in Jenin governorate.

In 2015 AAUP opened a graduate campus in Ramallah. The International Graduate Summer School will take place in Ramallah

The Arab American University’s Graduate Summer School brings together scholars as well as graduate students from all over the world to think, study and contextualize about current and pressing issues in the field of the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Building on the university’s tradition, the AAUP Summer School adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the legal, political, social and cultural issues facing our world today.

The school’s location in Ramallah in the heart of the Palestinian Israeli conflict allows students to engage with some of the most challenging and contentious issues in conflict, international relations and peace studies. 


The AAUP’s Summer School is a Graduate level summer program offering students the opportunity to study in Palestine and earn 3,6, and/or 9 credits towards their degree. AAUP Graduate courses are 3 credit hours each (total of 36 hours per course, lectures spread across 2 weeks).


Courses Offered – Summer 2020

- 1 -
June 27 – July 06
Palestinian Identity Formation
Dr. Nahed Habiballah, Faculty member at the College of Graduate Studies, Arab American University (AAUP, Ramallah)
- 2 -
July 08 – July 18
Human Rights and International Justice
Dr. Julie M Norman, Faculty member at the Department of Political Science, University College London ( UCL)
- 3 -
July 20 – July 29
International Law and Conflict Resolution
Dr. Pablo Martin Rodrigues, Faculty Member at the Department of International Public Law & International Relations, University og Granada
- 4 -
August 1st – August 10
Structures and Culture of Settler Colonialism in Comparative Perspectives
Dr. Benoit Challand, Faculty Member at the Department of Sociology, The New School for Social Research, New York



Tuition Fees
Registration fee: $200 / semester
Courses: AAUP Graduate courses are 3 credit hours. 1 course = $600 ($200 per credit hour)

furnished 2-bedroom apartment (cost: around $800/month), which can accommodate three students. The university can help in finding apartments.

Transportation provided from Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion airport) to Ramallah. For questions contact: habin358atnewschool.edu or Nahed.Habiballahataaup.edu

Application Deadline
May 30, 2020


Courses in Arabic proficiency may be offered upon request

Interested students should submit an application Click here