AAU Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Qasrawi on World’s Top 5% Scientists

Sunday, April 23, 2017

ResearchGate, with attended by millions of scientists from around the world, showed that AAUP faculty member Prof. Dr. Qasrawi is one of the best 5% scientists participating in the portal.

Prof. Dr. Qasrawi

The portal pointed, Dr. Qasrawi received a 95% ranking, with more than 2500 monthly readings of his scientific research and he is weekly followed by 1328 scientists from different parts of the world.

Dr. Qasrawi owns the 783 "ISI CITATION SCORE" record, sponsored by the Thomson Reuters Foundation for publishing.

ResearchGate, a portal that monitors scientific research of 11 million scientists in the world since 2008 these researches are internationally referenda, most of which are published in the Thomson Reuters magazines. Professor Atef Qasrawi is faculty member of the Faculty of Science Physics Department at the Arab American University has 140 scientific research in physics, chemistry and communications engineering at Thomson Reuters.

Results on the ResearchGate