AAU Holds Orientation Meeting for the Fourth Batch of MBA Program Students in Ramallah Campus

Sunday, April 2, 2017

AAUP Faculty of Higher Education in Ramallah campus held an orientation meeting for the new Fourth Batch of students enrolled in the MBA Program implemented in partnership with Indiana University in Pennsylvania, USA.

From the orientation meeting

During the meeting, the university Faculty of Higher Education Dean Dr. Abdulrahman Abu Libdeh welcomed the students and congratulated them on getting the acceptance to the MBA Program implemented in partnership with Indiana University. He gave the students a number of special instructions on student registration, study duration, grading system, number of credit hours and study plan.

Dr. Abu Libdeh told the students about // on the teaching staff giving the program, stressing that most of them are from Indiana University teachers in addition to a number of distinguish faculty members from Arab American University who also teaches and  supervises this program.

He mentioned the program practical sides serving students interest during their enrollment in the program such as time management, effective benefit from teachers, and active participation in reports, discussions and scientific researches.

He concluded, explaining participation mechanism in graduation ceremony for students as they are given several opportunities to graduate by attending the graduation ceremony at Indiana University and attend the graduation ceremony at AAU. At the end, there was discussion with the students to answer their questions related to the MBA program.