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AAU & Indiana University celebrated the second cohort of MBA students’ graduation

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Arab American University celebrated its second cohort of students in the joint MBA program with Indiana University in Pennsylvania graduation, in a ceremony organized at AAUP headquarter in Ramallah under the auspices of its Trustees Board President Dr. Mohammed Shtayeh.

Second cohort of MBA graduates

The ceremony attended by the University Administrative Board Chairman Dr. Yousef Asfour, University President Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri, Indiana University Eberly College of Business and Information Technology Dean Dr. Robert Camp, coordinator of the joint MBA program with Arab American University Dr. Prachan Bahradawj, Academic Chancellor of Directors Board and founder President Dr. Waleed Deeb, Mr. Walid Afifi member of Trustees board and Directors board members Ms. Sabah Asfour, Mr. Ghalib Hafi, Mr. Osaid Asfour, Professor Bahaa Asfour and Mr. Bassam Dalbh. Also AAUP former presidents Dr. Mahmoud Abu Moyes and Dr. Adly Saleh, university legal counsel professor Salah Jodeeh, University President’s Assistant of Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arra, Graduate Studies Faculty Dean Dr. Abdel Rahman Abu Libdeh and the college professors, a number of embassies and consulates representatives in Palestine and alumni families. The ceremony presented by MBA program student Sahar Trifi.

University President

University President Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri started the ceremony with his speech "Today, after seventeen years of its opening the university proud to be a leading academic institution locally, regionally and internationally and its membership in the Arab Universities Union, Islamic universities Organization and private universities Union." He added, AAUP is committed to serve the Palestinian society needs through excellence in education, academic integrity, diversity, creativity, innovation the joint applied research field, freedom of opinion and expression, creative and critical thinking and strategic outlook.

He said that the university believes in its graduates, students’ abilities to form the present and become future leaders. This can be achieved through academic excellence exact quality management system, optimal use of information technology in teaching and practical training. At the end of his speech, Abu Zuhri expressed his gratitude to Indiana University, praising their collaboration in the Master of Business Administration program, a unique example of cooperationn success between universities. Also he addressed his blessings and wishes of success for graduates.

Chairman of Directors Board

Chairman of Board of Directors Dr. Yousef Asfour welcomed the attendees at university’s new headquarters in Ramallah, and congratulated President Mahmoud Abbas, Abu Mazen, on Fateh’s successful Seventh Conference and electing him as president of the movement, and winners of its central committee and revolutionary council elections, wishing freedom for our prisoners and mercy for our martyrs.

He said: "Twenty years ago we started a dream of ambitious project designed to provide highest levels of science, knowledge and skills for Palestinians, the University project. AAUP started in Jenin and has grown achieving its goals, but the dream was bigger we began developing the university in four dimensions; the first was global to switch the university from local higher education institution into global institution. We knew it’s important that we develop relationships, partnerships with prestigious universities and institutions to build joint programs. Thus bring science and its components from its source to Palestine, rather than our students go to the origin. Our first experiences was partnership agreement with Indiana University for joint MBA program globally certified and a high level, the program taught in Palestine and eighteen faculty member from Indiana University comes annually. Today, we’re celebrating the program’s second graduate’s cohort, "We’re proud of you. Congratulations on your achievement. And congratulations to Palestine."

Dr. Asfour addressed Indiana University representatives: “I am happy you were able to join us for this event. Thank you for your efforts and commitment, that without we couldn’t achieve such success that we have.”

Second diminution, vertical dimension, we have developed unavailable Graduate Studies programs in Palestine or neighboring countries such as Master of Quality Management, Master Conflict Resolution & Development, Intercultural Communication Master, and soon doctorate in business administration. As an administration council we all possibilities required by the university to develop its academic programs.

Third dimension, spatial, comes from the university goal to provide science and knowledge for all Palestinians Dr. Asfour said: "We decided to be in the country's center, so we established this outstanding location we’re celebrating in, it’s equipped with everything needed in educational process, soon we’ll see in it specialized Center in several dentistry areas such as braces, Dental Implant, surgery and children.

Fourth diminution, research, Dr. Asfour said that the university will open several research centers in this headquarter, the first the Peace and conflict resolution Research Center which will be opened in the upcoming April in presence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in addition to Genes Research Center and Center of studying climate change and its effects. He added, university development in these areas requires effort, money and determination and as administration council we’re fully prepared to provide what it needs. We’re happy to have qualified and determined senior management to achieve these goals.

At the end, Dr. Asfour congratulated the graduates and their families wishing they achieve their ambition because a dream remains a dream until someone decides to make it reality

Dean of Graduate Studies College

The Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Arab American University, Dr. Abdel Rahman Abu Libdeh at the beginning of his speech, gave his thanks to Indiana University for the wonderful cooperation in the joint program with the Arab American University, saying: "that the program provides excellence in teaching and research, and an icon for the values of working together, and we hope that we continue this long partnership, in order to deepen and strengthen this relationship. "

Through this program, we managed to bring in expertise and international knowledge to Palestine that needs submitting to our students and Palestinian society. Emphasizing that college's commitment to provide students with the best possible science, knowledge and skills to prepare them, open their horizons for jobs and opportunities for other practical opportunities in the highly competitive local and international labor market.

Eberly College of Business Dean

 Dr. Robert Camp Dean of Eberly College of Business and Information Technology delivered Indiana University greetings to AAUP community, management, students and Palestinian people, and congratulated the graduates on their achievement of joining Indiana University list of graduates.

He noted that Indiana University has a strong and continuous commitment for mutual cultural enlightenment and mutual education commitment. Joint program with Arab American University comes from this obligation. Expressing his admiration of facilities that exceed expectations and provided to students at the university campus in Jenin and its new headquarters in Ramallah, which I found a leading academic facility worldwide.

Dr. Camp thanked the Board of Directors academic adviser Dr. Waleed Deeb on his long-term vision that brought us here today. He said the program has been prepared and adopted by Dr. Deeb efforts and follow-up with Eberly College, stressing Indiana University and College pride of this program and long-term commitment to this partnership.

Program coordinator

MBA joint program coordinator Dr. Prachan Bahradawj addressed graduates: "You have an advantage by holding MBA degree, and from my twenty years of teaching experience in this specialization in multiple countries you have been the best students I teach based on your commitment and degrees. "

Dr. Prachan urged graduates to pay attention to their abilities that qualify them to join international labor market, ensure their scientific and research behavior through skills they have acquired, in addition to commitment and willingness to learn and work hard, stressing the importance of credibility at work.


Fadi Namor gave Graduates speech, at beginning he thanked Arab American University on their accomplishment in the MBA program which emphasizes commitment of various institutions towards State of Palestine with no boundaries, and we’re proud to hold your certificate.

Addressing the audience: "We’re all happy, proud and grateful of what we achieved till this day. And I have no doubt that we wouldn’t get here without our families support, who we have the right to express our thanks and appreciation to."

He recalled the program beginning where graduates met, they had different concerns, but united by a single goal, to develop their abilities and get the joint MBA program certificate, which brings together the best two academics programs by two prestigious universities Indiana University in the US and Arab American University. Now we’re family of graduates equipped with science and skill, to influence positively in our society and the world around us.

He concluded by thanking all professors at the Arab American University and the ones traveled from America to Palestine to present their knowledge and experiences. Also he thanked his fellow graduates on their strong friendship wish them success.

Honoring Indiana University

Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri handed Dr. Robert Camp the AAUP shield to express appreciation and gratitude for his efforts to ensure the joint program’s success and development and participating in the graduation ceremony of the second cohort of graduates.


By the end of ceremony certificates were delivered by Dr. Yousef Asfour, Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri, Dr. Robert Camp and Mr. Walid Afifi.